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Our PCQI Management Team

What is a PCQI?

PCQI" stands for "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual." It is a term associated with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which was signed into law in the United States in 2011.


The FSMA aims to ensure the safety of the U.S. food supply by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.

The Preventive Controls Rule is one of the main components of FSMA and applies to food facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold human and animal food. To comply with this rule, these facilities must have a designated "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual" (PCQI) on staff.

All of the Global Import Agent team are fully qualified PCQI's, that why we are ideally placed to help you export your products to the US.


Meet The Team


James Flynn

CEO & Founder

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James is a food safety consultant and software technologist with almost 30 years experience. He is the business owner and the architect behind 3iVerify. James is also a qualified PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) and manages the direction of our Company and team.


Sue Swinbourne

Technical Services Director

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Sue heads up our Technical Services operations. With more than 24 years experience as a food industry technical manager and more than 5 years spent in food sector cloud solutions she has a wealth of experience in helping customers understand what our solution can deliver for them. Sue is embedded in the technical team at Primority and helps direct the solution towards meeting customer needs.


Surjeet Singh Bisht

Chief Technical Officer

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Surjeet is Primority's technical lead on the development of our solution and has responsibility for managing our development team. With more than 10 years cloud and web technology experience, Surjeet is core to ensuring our platform is developed on an ongoing basis and that it is maintained and devliers value to our customers.

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Fabrizzio (Fab) Vasquez

US Head of Sales & Operations

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Fab is responsible for customer onboarding, assisting clients with FDA compliance services and running the US sales and operations.  With many years experience in FDA food safety compliance in the produce industry, Fab has helped hundreds of firms with their compliance needs and is well placed to deliver on Primority's objectives in the US market.


Ryan Flynn

Operations Manager

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Ryan is a business graduate and a qualified PCQI. He is responsible for business development and marketing activities, customer qualification and processes in both our Primority and Global Import Agent business. Ryan makes sure you talk to the right people and co-ordinates job execution.


Lucas Karpinski

Reliability Engineer

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Lucas is our key man for all things data gathering and processing for our AI Scan solution and contributes to a wide range of dev tasks in the business. He also gets involved in graphic design and making everything he does perfect.


Adam Bourne

Senior AI Developer

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Adam is one of our senior develops in the field of AI with a specialism the HACCP based food safety module of 3iVerify and a deep understanding of AI and how it can be used for the practical benefit of our customers. He ensures that our AI tools are always evolving and ensures that our HACCP, VACCP and TACCP solution performs and delivers for customers.


Carlos Ortiz

US Lead Consultant

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Carlos is a former FDA Inspector and qualified PCQI with 20 years’ experience of FDA compliance and has conducted hundreds of FDA Inspections on domestic and foreign facilities. He is a qualified PCQI and a highly experience FDA regulatory consultant.


Steven Castro

US FDA Regulatory Consultant

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Steven is responsible for assisting clients with FDA compliance services and helps ensure they are connected to the correct services they need assistance with. An experienced technical consultant, Steven has more than 15 years in customer solutions in technology and the produce sector.


Sapna Pant

Technical Support Consultant

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Sapna is the 'Swiss army knife' of Primority and gets involved in many different projects, large and small. With a deep understanding of our solution Sapna ensures that we continue to deliver for customers no matter if they are new customers or have been with us for years.


Andy Kerridge

UK Lead Consultant

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A senior food safety consultant with decades of experience in auditing, food safety, food fraud and quality management. He was previously Senior Quality Director at Burger King and consultant for PepsiCo. Andy is a qualified PCQI and a highly experienced food safety compliance consultant.


Rachna Tiwari

Junior Developer

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Rachna is responsible for developing and supporting our 3iVerify solution in addition to numerous other developments in dashboards and a myriad of other tasks. She has been instrumental in helping Primority scale its support operation and drive customer communication processes to ensure that Primority delivers on its customer service objectives.

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