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Call For Food Safety Professionals to Join Our VCM Network

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Become part of our Global 'VCM' Network

  • We are recruiting for Food Safety Professionals to join our Virtual Compliance Manager 'VCM' network as part of our expanding business needs. A VCM is a food safety expert who can supplement their income by performing one or more of the tasks below on our behalf:

  • Conduct US label reviews in accordance with the most current FDA regulations in the United States.

  • Using our one-of-a-kind food safety framework, conduct online food safety assessments to a high standard.

  • Assist our customers' global suppliers in improving their food safety processes and ensuring compliance with all FSMA and FSVP regulations.

  • Prepare HACCP or Preventive Control Food Safety Plans in accordance with the US FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

  • Other 'ad-hoc' food safety requirements


How the 'VCM' Process Works

A VCM is a flexible food safety specialist who can be called upon when required. This may include, for example, conducting an online food safety evaluation or visiting a local food company to verify information and inspect food safety systems and processes in accordance with the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Foreign Supplier Verification Program or the FDA Seafood HACCP Rule. These specifications are almost always common and align with GFSI Global Food Standards such as BRC, FSSC 22000, and others.


Our cutting-edge, cloud-based framework is used to complete the work that needs to be completed. Following your appointment as a VCM, you will be given a password that will give you access to our customer's account, as well as a briefing on the mission. You will be able to provide us with regular and hourly rates for different services during the VCM Application Process. We'll use this to settle on the rate for each position ahead of time in the job brief.


When we have relevant work, we'll look through our network of VCMs for the food safety professional(s) with the most appropriate food category and food safety legislative experience, and make an offer based on the job specifications.


Whilst there is no guarantee of work provided in this way, we do anticipate that there will be opportunity for our VCM's as our business grows. In the short term, being a part of our VCM Network will cost you no more than the time taken to complete your profile.

Why Choose Global Import Agent?

We are highly experienced FDA consultants and we have helped hundreds of foods, beverage and dietary supplement companies export their food products in a legal and compliant way. We work closely with our clients and advise them on their best possible options. We specialise in FDA assistance, FDA exporting and FDA Approvals.

The USA food and beverage market is the largest in the world for high quality, foreign products. We can ensure that your product arrives in the USA safely, promptly and without detention.


Unlike other FSVP Agent services, Global Import Agent is an affordable, state of the art solution that brings cloud technology together with a global network of highly qualified, multi-lingual food safety experts and consultants to ensure that you, your suppliers, and the products supplied, are FDA approved for import to the USA. We can act as your US Agent for FSVP purposes.


We work with our clients to ensure they understand the process and their import & export journey is problem-free. Contact us to book a quick online consultation and get a free quote for your products FDA approval.

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