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FDA Food Registration Process

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FDA Food Registration Process

FDA Food Registration Process


FDA registration is a legal requirement for all food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies under the US Bioterrorism Act of 2002. It is designed to ensure that such facilities selling products in the USA are known to FDA.


Global Import Agent offers a low-cost FDA Registration Service which is designed to ensure that facilities are correctly registered with FDA. This helps avoid problems with customs clearance due to incorrect registration. We achieve this goal by:


  • Correctly identifying which food facilities in the supply chain need to register

  • Gathering the relevant information to ensure that we can complete the registration

  • Issuing a Certificate of Registration to the client

  • Keeping the FDA Registration up to date as and when required


Registering with FDA includes an obligation to submit to facility inspection by FDA so that the product safety and bioterrorism requirements defined in US law can be assessed for compliance. By registering with FDA, you must agree that FDA may visit and inspect your facility and agree to make any changes required to your processes, or product, if FDA require it. Otherwise, FDA may suspend a facility registration and prevent export of products from that facility to the USA.


Who Needs to Register with FDA?

The FDA states that:


“Domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food, as defined in 21 CFR 1.227, for human or animal consumption in the United States must register with FDA.”


The purpose of this is to help FDA to:


  • Determine the location and source of a potential bioterrorism incident,

  • Determine the location and source of an outbreak of food-borne illness; and

  • Quickly notify facilities and other affected parties.


This rule applies to both US based facilities and facilities operating outside the USA who export their products to the USA.


If FDA determines that product(s) manufactured, processed, packed, received, or held by a registered facility has a reasonable probability of causing serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals, FDA may suspend the registration of a facility that:


  • Created, caused, or was otherwise responsible for such reasonable probability; or

  • Knew of, or had reason to know of, such reasonable probability; and packed, received, or held such food.


Registration Agent:


As part of the FDA Registration process, there is an option to enter the details of an appointed Agent to represent you on behalf of the FDA. In addition, you may also be required to have an FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) in place. Global Import Agent can act as your Registration Agent and as your FSVP Agent.


Appointing an FSVP Agent means that the FSVP Agent takes on the legal responsibility for the compliance of the overseas facility.


Who Must Register with FDA?

In many cases there may be more than one facility involved in producing a food, beverage, or dietary supplement product. For example, a processor may process in bulk and send to a packer who then packs and labels the product with their brand or the brand of a third-party brand owner. It is important to understand who needs to register with FDA in these cases.

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Why Choose Global Import Agent?

We are highly experienced FDA consultants and we have helped hundreds of foods, beverage and dietary supplement companies export their food products in a legal and compliant way. We work closely with our clients and advise them on their best possible options. We specialise in FDA assistance, FDA exporting and FDA Approvals.

The USA food and beverage market is the largest in the world for high quality, foreign products. We can ensure that your product arrives in the USA safely, promptly and without detention.


Unlike other FSVP Agent services, Global Import Agent is an affordable, state of the art solution that brings cloud technology together with a global network of highly qualified, multi-lingual food safety experts and consultants to ensure that you, your suppliers, and the products supplied, are FDA approved for import to the USA. We can act as your US Agent for FSVP purposes.


We work with our clients to ensure they understand the process and their import & export journey is problem-free. Contact us to book a quick online consultation and get a free quote for your products FDA approval.

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