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Food Safety Webinars

Primority Recorded Webinars

We regularly host Webinars on all things food safety. Please see our collection below.

3iVerify Scored Audits, Risk Assessments & Data Capture on a Mobile Device

3iVerify Scored Audits, Risk Assessments & Data Capture on a Mobile Device

3 Nov 2020

Showcasing our recent updates to customisable scored audits and the ability to capture data, complete audits on a mobile device. During our Webinar we will cover:

Scored Auditing for benchmarking internal and supplier audits
Scored Risk Assessment questions for ongoing COVID compliance
Mobile Data Capture using 3iVerify Forms
BI Dashboard benchmarking of scored audits

ai scan launch webinar

AI Scan Launch Webinar

5 Oct 2020

On 1st October 2020, Primority launched it's AI Scan food industry supplier monitoring and surveillance solution. This webinar runs through the ideas behind the technology and demonstrates the AI Scan solution in action.

Food Safety issues 2019

Food Safety Big Issues 2019: Episode 1 - Allergens, Risk and 'Blockchains'

25 Jan 2019

In this episode of Food Safety Big Issues, my prominent industry guests are John Keogh of Shantalla Consulting and Margaret Balfour of ICS.

In a frank and detailed interview, we discuss the management of food safety information with a focus on allergens, managing risk and the role that blockchain digital ledger technology might play in helping solve current problems.

horizon scanning problems in the food supply chain

Horizon Scanning Problems in the Food Supply Chain

2 Feb 2021

In this webinar Primority's Customer Solutions Manager, Chris Higgins, and Founder, James Flynn, take a look at how to use 3iVerify's AI Scan solution to carry out horizon scanning tasks to identify anomalies in the food supply chain.

Meet James and Michael
The Reality of FSMA and FSVP
How 3iVerify Helps

26 Mar 2019

At our New Jersey FSMA / FSVP Conference 2019, James Flynn of Primority and Michael McNicholas of Culinary Collaborations explain why a digital solution for FSMA and FSVP is crucial. A real case study in what 3iVerify means to a US Food Importer.

Solving the Allergen Problem with Digital Ledgers

14 Feb 2019

Digital ledger technology presents an amazing opportunity to share allergen information and help consumers stay safe whilst protecting brand reputations. Watch this video to learn what Primority are doing in this exciting area and find out how you can get involved.

The Conversation Podcast episode 1

The Conversation - Episode 1 - The COVID Tsunami

11 Apr 2020

Conversation and discussion on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food industry, focusing on food processing, hospitality and food service and consultants amongst other things.

the conversation podcast episode 2

The Conversation - Episode 2 - Remote Audits - Short Term Fix or Long Term Solution?

11 Apr 2020

In this episode of The Conversation we look at the prospect of remote food safety audits and discuss some of the technology available that may enable this. We also discuss some of the security and policy issues around the practicalities of using 'smart glasses' for remote audits.

the conversation podcast episode 3

The Conversation - Episode 3 - COVID19 & Food Safety Consulting, Disaster or Opportunity?

11 Apr 2020

In this episode of The Conversation we discuss the impact of COVID on the many thousands of independent Food Safety Consultants who are self employed or work on contracts. We cover the situation many are likely to be finding themselves in and strategies for getting through the crisis and beyond.

the conversation podcast episode 4

The Conversation - Episode 4 - COVID19 and its Effect on the GFSI Ecosystem

5 May 2020

In Episode 4 of The Conversation we discuss the effect of COVID19 on the GFSI certification ecosystem. With GFSI and BRC disagreeing about remote audits, is it time to look at a different model for the future of food safety certification?
We have special guest Kassy Marsh, Director at Techni-K Consulting on the podcast to give us her view of this world as she is immersed in the GFSI ecosystem, specifically the BRC side of things.

the conversation podcast episode 5

The Conversation - Episode 5 - Coping with COVID19 - You Are Not Alone

5 May 2020

In Episode 5 of The Conversation we discuss the challenges that food businesses have in re-formulating their business models. We talk about how food safety may become an issue whilst there is no regulatory oversight during a lock down and try to offer some hope along the way.

conversation podcast episode 6

The Conversation - Episode 6 - Digitising the Food Supply Chain - What Does That Mean?

5 May 2020

In this episode of The Conversation we discuss what a digital supply chain is and why it is important. As COVID-19 pushes the world online through necessity we cover a variety of options available now and look at all different aspects of digitisation and what that means in practice.

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